No more, no less.

Written and published 22 June, 2011.

5 years ago, I had a dream.

A dream of reaching out to people through something I never expected myself to be doing. A dream of making people enjoy electronical signals sent to the braind through various speakers and headphones all over the globe. It's also known as; Music. I began living that dream thanks to and old friend of mine, who told me about this amazing software where you could create your own beats, melodies, basslines and what not. I tried it, of course, and I fell in love with it.

3 months later or so I began to show what I had done so far. And of course to a "rgular person" what I did sucked. And it did in fact suck, haha, but to me at that moment I didn't care much for how good it sounded but how far I had come from being this regular teenager without any thoughts of what to with my life. To me, it sounded like a dream come true. I had made my very own track. Of course I didn't make a huge deal out of it cause in my head I had all these crazy melodies going on and on and on and I wanted to make them real, so bad, and I did. This time though, I told people about it, showed them my work and they were amazed. Not at the fact that the track sonded a lot better than my first one but at the fact that I, a normal guy, made that track without any knowledge of music producing what so ever. I was happy!

A year had passed and the thrill went silent. People didn't care about my music anymore. The buzz of having a producer at school, in the same class, sure made them talk but it was nothing more then a; "hey are you that guy who made that track? - Yeah? - Nice job!". I didn't stop making music though, cause that was at the point impossible for me to even imagine. Music was my life. Later on, I started to produce tracks more often, give them to people at school and listen to the feedback. It was both good, and bad, of course. But even though the critique wasn't what I had in mind it kind of made me think about whether or not I should either change my style or just quit. I tried different genres, and failed. I then lost the passion cause what I did was no longer entertaining to the people around me. So yea, I stopped producing.

But then..

A friend of mine told me that my stuff were awesome and that shouldn't give up no matter what, so I did as he said and got back at making tracks. This time not to please someone else, but to share how I expressed my feelings. I was happy, I made a "happy" track. I felt like going crazy on a dance floor, I made a dance-friendly hard-kiciking track. And these feeling-based tracks are to some the best I have done, and to others good but not really "up there". To me, the critique didn't matter at all to me because I was sharing my feelings. Not trying to please.

a year after that, I decided to publish my work on several communities. Sure, I had some tracks uploaded on youtube but that was my old, beginner projects. Now I had found the source to good music which was feelings and therefor I decided to register on a community called Elektrozon. This website was a free, music-hosting, website with a blog tool and a fan-based system where people uploaded what they did, gave pointers to others, gained friends and shared their passion. I for one, registered to share my passion and gain friends, which I did and I still talk to some of them today. Anyway, Elektrozon became the hub for my music and all my friends started to spread the word about my stuff. It was amazing. Then people I never talked to at school started recognizing me telling me my work was great. At this time I felt like my dream was once back, I was entertaining. Not on stage, but through electronical signals sent to the brain.. Music!

This time, the buzz had a living spark which never died out, and it still hasn't died out. They still recognize my stuff, some even listen to it once in a while and I'm still sharing my art of sound, my electronical signals, my music! And I have never, ever, felt as happy as I am now knowing that people all over the world appreciate what I do, even though it's not like the stuff DJ-icons such as Tiesto, deadmau5 or Daft Punk does. But it's mine. I can call it my own. I can present it on a stage and say; "I made this!!". That feeling, is priceless.

Today, I build my tracks based on my favorite artists work when it comes to beat, track-building and general mixing. I'm not a DJ, I'm not a professional, and I'm not famous like the big ones are..

But I'm a regular small-town guy, living my dream. No more, no less.