Beatport here I come!

Small update about my EP

My EP is now available on Beatport!

Buy it here!


Adam 'NovaCore' Persson - Swedish Video Blogger

This is not me!

Okey.. Sooo, this is a friend of mine, Adam (Aka NovaCore) and he's simply sharing bits and pieces of his everyday life through videos (and sometimes plain text), but mostly videos. Some of you might not even understand what he says and I don't really care about translating the video for you either simply because it's not mine and I'm lazy, live with it!

Anyway, Adam makes music just like I do but for him it's just a simply hobby or whatever you want to call it, nd for me it's my life. huge difference there!

Hope you all enjoy the video-log and if you do (and can read Swedish), then visit and follow his blog at: Adam 'NovaCore' Persson's Blog


FFFFF... Haters gonna hate!

I promised myself the day I created this blog to never ever in my whole life post anything related to Justin Beiber, but this is just too much to keep to myself. Enjoy!

Random conversation with a random girl on the web:

Random Girl: "Do you like Justin Beiber?"
Me: "Uuh, no... ? O.o"
Random Girl: "What the hell is wrong with you?!!!!"
Me: "I'm straight."

Yeah, haters gonna hate! Weee!!


DJ-M - The Puppet Master EP

Today I will release my first official EP: The Puppet Master!

The Track list:
The Return
Puppet Master
Bionic (Club Edit)
Drop, Kick, Hit it Hard!
Dance (Radio Edit)
Noise Carrier
Dead Man's Vinyls (Original Mix)

It will be released on online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, JunoDownload, CDON.com etc. Hope you all will enjoy this first EP with a Unique kind of progressive House, hard-kicking beats and fully enjoyable tracks to the max!


GosuGamers Presents: Dota Talk!

For all you Dota lovers, let me present to you the recently created Podcast team @ GosuGamers: Dota Talk!

These guys only talk about Dota, Dota, more Dota and even more Dota! Yes, it's all about Dota. And I know that some of you do love this game, especially those of you who have been playing it since the first release of the original mod for Warcraft 3.

Anyway, here's a link to their first episode: Dota-Talk @ GosuGamers.
I will not post every link to this, so if the interest is there please save it and make sure to check the news EVERY TUESDAY. That way you'll get the latest episodes easily and fast. Have fun and enjoy the show!


New Releases + Different Edits

Done and done! The Preview of my latest project is done! It's a full-length mix and I will only share it to some people. The fact that I want to keep it private for a bit is smply because I want to have a reason to make different edits on it; Private release (Original), Public Release (Radio Edit) and the last but not least; Club Edit.

This is my way of dealing with this.