Short Break = Over

Yepp, as the title says my break is over, my complete obsession with Need for Speed world is over, my non-music-producing period is finally over! And to actually kick start this new period of hardcore music producing I managed to make a sick beat and a tight bassline to it. And by that I mean; I have something new in progress!


Filler #1 - The Continuing of Filling

Just recently, I got so bored I started taking random quizzes on facebook and the one which I liked the most must've been this; "Which of the 7 elements are you".
Reason? Well, the Element I got of course!

You are passionet, and caring. You are easy to fall in love, and people tend to fall for you just the same. You are always warm to the touch. People feel safe in your arms, you have a temper, but you can get controll of it quickly. You are a fighter, and will stand up for your opinions. Your eyes are always full of passion and people tend to be drawn to them.


Filler #1

Soo.. Hello! Been spending most of my day outside in the sun, which was nice. I also brought my cellphone/mobile and took some nice photos just for fun, which was also very nice. And just recently me and my brother went out and recorded some birds while they were attacking us (?!). We wanted to "experiment" and it all went haywire when we got too close to their nest..

Oh by the way.. On Twitter there was this guy who posted my Soundcloud link on a newspaper site and used it as a reference for the soundcloud premium member ship thing for talented indie-artists! Awesome, right? So, I had to check it out and of course.. share it!

Anyway, here are some pictures just for fun.. And filling..


Google+ VS. Facebook

Finally, the "trial" is here! Google has finally launched their test-version of the so called "New Facebook". And yes, I am a lucky member of this awesome work. It's so easy to use, it's easy to find those you know and want to share stuff with. The grouping system is much much smoother, you can edit your profile and everything that gos with it with ease and so much more! I really don't know what else to say than this is for sure, the new facebook. When this get's big-ger. People are gonna love this the way they first loved facebook years ago. Google, if you read this, you made a great job with this and I look forward to share it with everyone I know!

Keep it coming!


Puppet Master

The title says it all.

When I was fixing the last details on my latest track, 'Puppet Master' I came up with this awesome idea for clothing on stage. I can't really explain everything about the outfit more than the mask part.. Yes, I will wear a mask. And I will also have several other masks hanging next to my right thigh and on my back, right on the left shoulder. All of this just to add an effect to live-performing. I hate it when other musicians within the electronic genre don't use something just to make them look a bit special than they would do on a regular day. For example; Daft Punk - They are dressed out as humanoid-robots. Deadmau5 - he's wearing this gigantic mouse head with over-sized ears. Those two are the only two I know of who actually dress up for a gig. I want to be a part of this dress-up before a gig thing, not because it looks awesome on stage but also because it kind of shows the artist, not the person, if you know what I mean. It's like, you are an actor you dress up to look like that particular character, and not yourself. The same goes for what I want in music. You dress up as your performer/entertainer/musical-character and not yourself. This is not a matter of "oh no I don't want people to stalk me on the streets" rather then a matter of just making the gigs more fun.

Well, I might be the only one who thinks like this but hey that's me and we are all different. Peace out!

New Track: Puppet Master