Facebook ----> Google+

As I wrote on my facebook earlier.. I'm really considering to remove my Facebook account, or at least merge it with my Fan-page so that I don't need to keep on track with whatever. Besides, Facebook, or Marc Zuckerberg + team, are updating it too much and the past updates have only ruined the website more and more.

Google+ on the other hand is still, according to me, way better and that's why I'm also gonna spend more time there and on Twitter than I will on Facebook. It has been great but now it's just too much..

Anyway, I'll see yah around!


DJ-M - The Puppet Master (Video)

Puppet Master by DJ-M from IrascibleOne on Vimeo.

This music-video was created by the hands of the Admin back at DarkScarab as a request from me. Right before I released my EP I asked him if he could make this video for me so I had something to show off the EP with instead of just the music itself. He accepted and like you see worked his magic on it. Even though it is simple, I still get amazed every time I watch it. It's epic! Anyway, I just want to thank him, the Admin of DS AKA IrascibleOne, for this awesome video of his. Thank you!

Darkscarab is a website about 3D-graphical art and anything related to it. It has not got a huge amount of active members, but those who are there on a daily basis are more then enough to help you out (Only with Blender 3D though). The reason why I am am a member is simple; I love 3D, I love to play around with it and the people there are very kind and forgiving when it comes to "suckingness" and constant spamming with stupid "noob" questions. It's thanks to them I have managed to evolve at the pace that I have.

So, 2 flies in one blow right? Thanks IrascibleOne and the DS community for the support and the video! May you all shine upon the stars!!

Over and out!


Whoopidoo.. Here I am!

This is no major update by the way.
I haven't updated this simply because I have been too busy lately.. But I'm here now, and I'm here to stay. For like 30 seconds, kthxbai!