FL Studio goes i-System

(Link to the news page is provided at the bottom of this post!)

As it turns out, Image-Line has surprised their users once more with this new, yet very promising, "to-go" version of their music production software; Fruity Loops. Yes, I'm talking about the Fruity Loops Mobile version, but it's only for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. So to bad fellow Android users, our version is still under development according to the image-line news!

Anyway, with this tool you basically do what you do in FL on a PC but on a much smaller screen, less tools and not as huge variety of samples. To fit in a phone you can't really include 100+ beats and over 200 synth-presets. It's just not possible, yet. So they managed to chop it off, make a compact, easy-to-use version of it that fits an iPhone screen. How is this possible you may ask? You see.. Fruity Loops, like any other music production tool is not really that much a deal when it comes to the size of your screen, but more when it comes to the sound and memory you can utilize from your computer. Sure, this may sound strange since the iPhone is not THAT powerful but yeah. They made their first version for iPhone for a reason I guess and all we could do is hope for the best and basically cheer for updates and coming news about "our" version, the Android one.

And about the sound.. I'm still thinking that this might turn out to be a very powerful, not too sound-demanding tool for your smart-phone but at the same time I'm also thinking; "how do they manage to fix the sound when it comes to the bass, synths, effects etc.." And I'm still worried that this might not work as good as it could, but still working really nice! I mean, not everyone carries around a pair of headphones while they I don't know, sitting around in a park enjoying the sun-rise. And I also believe that headphones might come quite in handy when it comes to the creation of a track on the go. I know I can't create a track on my computer (MacBook Pro) without my pair of headphones while I'm "on the go" simply because the speakers can't handle my kind of needs when it comes to the sound, and neither can the iPhone. But as I said in my facebook-post; "Who am I to judge?". Great job doing this, image-line and I sure hope it'll turn out to be almost as much of a success as the PC version of FL is!


Link to the news-page: FL Goes i-System