I've got a feeling!

There comes a time in every man, and woman's life where they will realize that some things are just worth fighting for!

I bet every musician, DJ, Producer etc. do what they do with a feeling, and not just cause they have to. I for one am like that. I create my tracks with feeling. Sure, they might not sound like much to some, but to those who know how to really feel the music it's more than just synths and kicks. It's something you love to listen to, something that makes you happy, something that creates a feeling inside. That feeling you get when you listen to what I have to offer, that is the feeling I use to create it.

This might sound very "old school" or even kind of "out there". But it's the truth. Not like judging a book by it's cover like plenty of people do when it comes to artists or famous people in general. I've been there, done that, and I know what it's like to be both the hater and hated. It sucks when you think about it. People judge too easily. Especially when it comes to music where the listener doesn't like what you provide and therefor starts hating not only your music but you, the maker, as well. I can't stop this, obviously haha, but I can at least try to make some people realize that it's really not the artist you should dislike no matter what type of music he, or she, makes. It's like hating a piece of apple-pie just because you hate the cook who made it. Or hating your next-door neighbor just because one of his/her relatives (sibling, parent, cousin..) is a moron. It's both wrong and shallow. And I don't really respect this, not that it matters to anyone, and I do definitely not accept this towards neither myself nor my friends who are in this business.

Yes I know, some people who actually are famous can also be jerks and that's something we all have to accept. But I guess they have a reason, I don't know.. But as far as I know they have no reason to be jerks towards their fans. Those who support them 24/7. And I really have no clue how some of them can't even smile when looking at one of their fans, without having to force it. It's not that hard to smile, really, and everyone knows that.

And before anyone goes on with; "uh you don't know shit blah blah blah", please, take a moment to think about this and then tell me that I don't know shit about this. Sure, it's just a random thought I came up with during one of my sleepless nights just recently. It's not like it's illegal to share your thoughts and neither is it illegal to even share how one among the people feel when this type of things happens. To you, the listener, this might seem like something that we take with ease (and by "us" I mean the artists, the makers, the creators of what you listen to everyday). But we don't, at least not all of us. Some do, and that's their "problem", or something, but I for one do not take this with ease. Yes, of course I love when people write to me and tell me what they think but when they write to me telling me that I'm a bad person because of what I do they cross the line. I don't go raging on them, haha, but I do get kind of sad within when I see what the world has become. Musicians and their fans are no longer what they used to be.

This was just a random thought and I felt like sharing it with the rest of the cyberspace just because I can and because I want people to get an insight on things they don't normally encounter. Not everyone get fan-mails with complaints. Anyway, have a nice one and keep up the good work - with whatever you do, sports, music, a job whatever.

Good morning!

//It's 06:35 in the morning and I really need to get myself a cup of coffee and some toast. I just wanted you to know//


FL Studio goes i-System

(Link to the news page is provided at the bottom of this post!)

As it turns out, Image-Line has surprised their users once more with this new, yet very promising, "to-go" version of their music production software; Fruity Loops. Yes, I'm talking about the Fruity Loops Mobile version, but it's only for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. So to bad fellow Android users, our version is still under development according to the image-line news!

Anyway, with this tool you basically do what you do in FL on a PC but on a much smaller screen, less tools and not as huge variety of samples. To fit in a phone you can't really include 100+ beats and over 200 synth-presets. It's just not possible, yet. So they managed to chop it off, make a compact, easy-to-use version of it that fits an iPhone screen. How is this possible you may ask? You see.. Fruity Loops, like any other music production tool is not really that much a deal when it comes to the size of your screen, but more when it comes to the sound and memory you can utilize from your computer. Sure, this may sound strange since the iPhone is not THAT powerful but yeah. They made their first version for iPhone for a reason I guess and all we could do is hope for the best and basically cheer for updates and coming news about "our" version, the Android one.

And about the sound.. I'm still thinking that this might turn out to be a very powerful, not too sound-demanding tool for your smart-phone but at the same time I'm also thinking; "how do they manage to fix the sound when it comes to the bass, synths, effects etc.." And I'm still worried that this might not work as good as it could, but still working really nice! I mean, not everyone carries around a pair of headphones while they I don't know, sitting around in a park enjoying the sun-rise. And I also believe that headphones might come quite in handy when it comes to the creation of a track on the go. I know I can't create a track on my computer (MacBook Pro) without my pair of headphones while I'm "on the go" simply because the speakers can't handle my kind of needs when it comes to the sound, and neither can the iPhone. But as I said in my facebook-post; "Who am I to judge?". Great job doing this, image-line and I sure hope it'll turn out to be almost as much of a success as the PC version of FL is!


Link to the news-page: FL Goes i-System


No more, no less.

Written and published 22 June, 2011.

5 years ago, I had a dream.

A dream of reaching out to people through something I never expected myself to be doing. A dream of making people enjoy electronical signals sent to the braind through various speakers and headphones all over the globe. It's also known as; Music. I began living that dream thanks to and old friend of mine, who told me about this amazing software where you could create your own beats, melodies, basslines and what not. I tried it, of course, and I fell in love with it.

3 months later or so I began to show what I had done so far. And of course to a "rgular person" what I did sucked. And it did in fact suck, haha, but to me at that moment I didn't care much for how good it sounded but how far I had come from being this regular teenager without any thoughts of what to with my life. To me, it sounded like a dream come true. I had made my very own track. Of course I didn't make a huge deal out of it cause in my head I had all these crazy melodies going on and on and on and I wanted to make them real, so bad, and I did. This time though, I told people about it, showed them my work and they were amazed. Not at the fact that the track sonded a lot better than my first one but at the fact that I, a normal guy, made that track without any knowledge of music producing what so ever. I was happy!

A year had passed and the thrill went silent. People didn't care about my music anymore. The buzz of having a producer at school, in the same class, sure made them talk but it was nothing more then a; "hey are you that guy who made that track? - Yeah? - Nice job!". I didn't stop making music though, cause that was at the point impossible for me to even imagine. Music was my life. Later on, I started to produce tracks more often, give them to people at school and listen to the feedback. It was both good, and bad, of course. But even though the critique wasn't what I had in mind it kind of made me think about whether or not I should either change my style or just quit. I tried different genres, and failed. I then lost the passion cause what I did was no longer entertaining to the people around me. So yea, I stopped producing.

But then..

A friend of mine told me that my stuff were awesome and that shouldn't give up no matter what, so I did as he said and got back at making tracks. This time not to please someone else, but to share how I expressed my feelings. I was happy, I made a "happy" track. I felt like going crazy on a dance floor, I made a dance-friendly hard-kiciking track. And these feeling-based tracks are to some the best I have done, and to others good but not really "up there". To me, the critique didn't matter at all to me because I was sharing my feelings. Not trying to please.

a year after that, I decided to publish my work on several communities. Sure, I had some tracks uploaded on youtube but that was my old, beginner projects. Now I had found the source to good music which was feelings and therefor I decided to register on a community called Elektrozon. This website was a free, music-hosting, website with a blog tool and a fan-based system where people uploaded what they did, gave pointers to others, gained friends and shared their passion. I for one, registered to share my passion and gain friends, which I did and I still talk to some of them today. Anyway, Elektrozon became the hub for my music and all my friends started to spread the word about my stuff. It was amazing. Then people I never talked to at school started recognizing me telling me my work was great. At this time I felt like my dream was once back, I was entertaining. Not on stage, but through electronical signals sent to the brain.. Music!

This time, the buzz had a living spark which never died out, and it still hasn't died out. They still recognize my stuff, some even listen to it once in a while and I'm still sharing my art of sound, my electronical signals, my music! And I have never, ever, felt as happy as I am now knowing that people all over the world appreciate what I do, even though it's not like the stuff DJ-icons such as Tiesto, deadmau5 or Daft Punk does. But it's mine. I can call it my own. I can present it on a stage and say; "I made this!!". That feeling, is priceless.

Today, I build my tracks based on my favorite artists work when it comes to beat, track-building and general mixing. I'm not a DJ, I'm not a professional, and I'm not famous like the big ones are..

But I'm a regular small-town guy, living my dream. No more, no less.