I'm not much a blog type am I? I know.. I know.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks (5 to be exact) has been kind of rough on me and my music - yikes. Vacation - Hospital - Break - New releases - Single coming soon - GREAT feedback and so on.. A bunch of stuff really. And Since this is my first post in forever I'm going to make it a darn good one by quoting a "follower" of mine at Limebooth.com;

"While I'm a friend of more Traditional electronic music, I must say I liked it:) It's a skill after all, sampling and creating cool tones! I've started to learn some synthesizer basics myself:) good job!" - And it is when you get comments like THAT you know you're going something right. And yes, I am doing something right!

Take care whoever you are, fellow cyberspacer, dude, girl, person, animal.

Over & out